Week 2: My Secret Dollar Diet Weapon

It’s been a busy ol’ week as we swelter in the summer sun.  Whilst I talked myself out of booking a trip to Antarctica to escape the heat, I did have to spend a chunk of change on flights to Adelaide, Australia for my friend’s wedding. I managed to get them for a really, really good price.  Attending the wedding was one of my Dollar Diet  objectives (the wedding is happening sooner than I expected), which means I’ll have to reap the rewards of the Dollar Diet retrospectively.  As I won’t be doing my usual shopping while in Adelaide (I love shopping overseas) I have every confidence that I can make my visit a very frugal one.

Sausage’s second birthday is coming up and I’ve arranged a family BBQ, as well as a party with several of her little friends.  Despite being party central, I think we will come in on budget for groceries this week as these celebrations will be pretty frugal (I’ll be writing a post on her birthday party later).  I’ve also made sure we’ve used up our leftovers in the freezer, D is still in a bread-making frenzy (today’s pizza dough was great), and I’ve done plenty of baking which has meant our expenditure for our regular meals has been pretty minimal.

Everything else is tickety-boo.  I’ve had lots of people over for catch ups and play dates – so no cafe temptation for me.  I’ve continued making sure I pack snacks for myself when out.  I’ve taken advantage of the free scenic spots around Whanganui, and have pleased Sausage no end by turning morning or afternoon tea into ‘picnics’ – her current obsession.  Her cries of “Picnic!” are usually followed by a Dr Evil cackle of glee.   I did spend the princely sum of $1 taking Sausage to a playgroup.  I’ve been wanting to check out this play group for a while as it’s an unstructured kindy-gym group, but we already attend three groups a week during term time which I think is plenty.  However, a playgroup that still runs during the holidays is like gold to parents, and it was wonderful.  We’ll definitely be back, but on a casual basis.

My biggest Dollar Diet weapon is my husband D.  Oh, is that man a gem!  My laptop died the other day.  And I mean died.  It would start up for a few seconds and then fizzle out.  My laptop is getting pretty old and my plan is to use it to the death as sort of a ‘stuff you!’ to the  planned obsolescence of computer manufacturers.  D is a total computer nerd.  In fact, I’d say he’s a nerd’s nerd as I’ve seen some of his fellow nerds almost swoon at his mad IT skills and speak of him in hushed, reverential tones.  Whilst mere mortals would probably have decided it was time to get rid of their geriatric laptop in favour of a newer, sleeker model, D figured out what the problem was in record time.  He could have sourced the necessary part from the interweb but supporting local businesses is important to us.  D whisked my laptop away to the amazing Computer Valet store here in Whanganui who supplied and installed the part so that I can keep on blogging.  All for $45.


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