12 Things My Two Year Old Has Taught Me

  1. The world is full of wonder and delight, especially if you notice all the little details like flowers, leaves, ants, cracks in the pavement,  chimneys and cellphone towers.  (Okay so I made that last one up.)  Anyway, it’s perfectly fine to ask over and over ‘What’s he doing?’  ‘What’s she doing?’  ‘What’s that Mummy?’ because it’s the only way to learn.

    OMG!  Leaves!

    OMG! Leaves!

  2. Two year-olds actually have prodigious memories.  My tot can remember things from several months in the past ‘Daddy burnt his finger on the barbeque!’, recognise places she’s only visited once before ages ago, and can recall vocabulary not used often like ‘Ooh, look Mummy, a cherry picker!’
  3. I need to stop rushing and slow the heck down. My toddler doesn’t need to be anywhere in a hurry, so why do I?  The world will not end if we are late for playgroup because we had to touch ALL the dandelions along the way.
  4. Everyone is worthy of my attention and respect. The ladies at the checkout.  The postman.  The old man working in his garden.  The scary-looking dude and his scary-looking dog.  A bright smile and a cheery hello goes a long way with absolutely everyone.
  5. I need to move more. Preferably run or dance whilst singing Incey Wincey Spider.
  6. Jumping in muddy puddles is a legitimate activity.
  7. Food is fuel. My tot might be the first kid at the morning tea table, but when she’s done, she’s done.  And is off to more exciting things.
  8. Everything will be okay if you just get enough cuddles and kisses.  There is no injury too big that can’t be made better by running to Mum or Dad.
  9. If you haven’t laughed a hundred times today, you’re doing life wrong.  Everything has the potential for hilarity – the way Mummy brushes her teeth, the way her brother squawks like a constipated pterodactyl, the fact she’s fallen over 10 times already that morning.
  10. When someone else is upset, it’s okay to cry along with them.  No one feels your pain quite like a concerned, sobbing toddler.
  11. I need to read many, many books every day. The same ones over and over and over is good.
  12. Even when I mess up and am not the best Mum I could be, she’s okay with that.

3 thoughts on “12 Things My Two Year Old Has Taught Me

  1. I endorse jumping in muddy puddles. And taking time to look at intersting things on the pavement. Sausage noticed that someone had picked up that spoon we saw on the footpath. We had wondered what they had been eating with that spoon!!

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