Dollar Diet: Week 3

It’s been a very good week in Dollar Diet Land.  There were no big purchases of tickets to Australia (so excited!) although next week we will have to shell out some $ for a new car seat.  Like most people in NZ we hired Chip a baby capsule for the first 6 months but that needs to be returned soon.

Sausage and friend at a local playground

Sausage and friend at a local playground

This week I have been fastidious about using all our leftovers, although I found it was possible to get sick of eating quinoa, tuna and veges for three meals in a row.  My Auntie gave me some rhubarb, so I made a no-sugar rhubarb crumble, and we harvested a load of plums off a tree in our front yard.  I made cheese scones which lasted for several morning teas and were handy to give to visitors who came for a cup of tea.  I discovered a batch of my ‘Nana’s chocolate truffles’ lurking in the fridge which I had made for Sausage’s birthday party and promptly forgot about.  I quickly chucked them in the freezer as they will be perfect to take along for morning tea at Church on Sunday.  I even made breadcrumbs from some bread that was going stale.  Woah.

Entertainment (It’s school summer holidays) was either free or very cheap this week.  We went to two local beaches, and several playgrounds – one of which cost me $5 (it’s at a holiday park) which was worth every penny as Sausage and I spent ages jumping on a huge inflatable ‘pillow’.  We had a hilarious family dinner with extended family which we plan to make a regular event.  It ended with a ukelele/guitar jam session, complete with purposely-bad singing and Sausage dancing the night away.

I have a few birthdays coming up so I did something I’ve not done in a while: I got out my sewing machine.  I am NOT a terribly crafty person.  I did sewing at school many years ago and  My embroidery sampler is testimony to the torturous time I spent in that class because if you look at the back of it, it looks like the place where embroidery threads go to die.  But something must have sunk in because I can sew.  I found some cool fabric and some bamboo bag handles at one of my local charity shops (guess what I’m  making…).  $4 for the fabric, handles, plus a replacement side plate and dinner plate.  Oh yeah.  I had heart palpitations at the cost of fabric at a store so refashioning from op-shop finds is definitely the way to go.

This past weekend is one of the best in Whanganui’s social calendar – our Vintage Weekend.  It’s an absolutely fantastic three-day event, paying homage to everything vintage.  Steam boats, steam trains, vintage car rallies, concerts, a pop-up Museum, an outdoor banquet in the main street, an open-air movie, and a soap-box derby.  So much fun to be had, and most of it is FREE.  My MIL babysat for us so our guests, D and I enjoyed a child-free date night, where I must confess we spent $7.50 on a huge plate of chips for everyone to share.  It was 9pm and we were hungry.  I wanted to take Sausage and some visitors for a ride on the steam train, but at $25 per adult it was simply too expensive.  Next year I plan to set aside some money for this as both my tots will be old enough to find it thrilling.

Waimarie and Waka

Waimarie and Waka

image credit


One funny thing is that the Dollar Diet has now entered our vernacular.  D and I often say ‘How very Dollar Diet of you’ when the other one has resisted temptation to spend, or done something very frugal.


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