Trim Healthy Thursday: Week 3, the first casualty

Not the best week at sticking to the Trim Healthy Mama plan as I was on holiday somewhere unfamiliar, but I did manage to eat THM style about 60% of the time.  Breakfasts were easy, and I was delighted to find a chicken, quinoa and spinach salad for lunch one day.

There were some not-so-good choices in there too.  I had to snatch two meals on the go at the airport due to tight connection times and no THM-friendly options were available.  And I sneaked in some mashed potato with my IKEA meatballs, and had a roti with a cracking Malaysian curry.

But it’s all good.

As soon as I returned home to New Zealand I got back on plan.  My clothes were still noticeably looser and my saiety levels have remained stable.

I already have a casualty of THM war: a pair of jean shorts.  They were a little loose when I first bought them.  They got a bit tight in the sugar-fuelled aftermath of having a reflux baby.  Now, after a mere three weeks on THM I have to put the shorts in my discard pile as they are way too loose, especially around my thighs.  So much so I kind of look like I’m wearing denim jodhpurs.  Awesome.

One thought on “Trim Healthy Thursday: Week 3, the first casualty

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