Dollar Diet: Week 11, to the death!

It’s been a so-so Dollar Diet week.  Mostly because I picked up an unwanted souvenir of my time in Adelaide – a virus.  it wasn’t a bad bug as viruses go, just a low-grade fever but it left me feeling drained and very, very tired.  Oh, and I gave it to D.

As a result we had a LOT of food wastage this week.  I meal plan, but because I was sick it got all out of whack.  I grabbed some meat the other day only to discover it was several days past its best before date.  It was meat we’d got cheaply, but still, that’s just money down the drain.  A couple of ‘leftovers’ meals didn’t get eaten either, so they had to be binned, as did some veges I didn’t get around to using.  The Dollar Diet has definitely helped us decrease our food wastage as we no longer pop off to the supermarket the moment something runs out, so this week of wastage irks me even more than it did in the past.

We also gave up on our new, cheap(er) dishwasher powder in disgust.  It really was hopeless.  Things would not be cleaned properly, or there would be a noticeable residue left on the crockery.  I know, I know, #firstworldproblems.  Anyway, the more expensive stuff is the business, so we’ve switched back.  That’s how it is with trying to cut back on spending – somethings work, and others are a false economy.

But there has been good stuff too – like my tomatoes finally getting big enough to eat.  Being given some quinces from a neighbour.  Not grabbing takeaways when I discovered the meat was too old and I was feeling tired and sick, but making do with what was on hand.  We also bought a ton of chicken as it was on special. Like $40 worth.  We had lots of wiggle room left in our budget thanks to me getting our groceries consistently under budget for the last few weeks.

And another thing I love about the Dollar Diet is the chance it gives me to run some experiments.  My cell phone is dying.  It’s been on its way out for several months now, and D did get me a new one (pre-Dollar Diet) but I hated it so much I was delighted when it turned out to be a total lemon, and went back to my old faithful phone.  Anyway, the past few days whenever I am loading a web page on it, it freezes.  D, who has performed major surgery on my phone in the past, tells me it has now entered into the realm of ‘do not resuscitate’.  So I am going to use it to death.  Will it see me through the rest of the year?  If it doesn’t, there’s no room in my Dollar Diet budget for a new one.  I kinda like the idea of going phoneless for a while.  I don’t even like mobile phones.  I hate talking on the phone (I’m a visual person, so I really, really like being able to get my non-verbal cues from whomever I’m talking to).  I hate seeing people who are out together but one or both are texting away.  Ugh.  Smart phones are incredibly addictive and I’ve been telling myself to use mine less for ages now.  So this will be my chance.

To the death!

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