Trim Healthy Thursday: One Month In

It feels hard to believe that I have managed to stick to a ‘diet’ for one month, with very little cheating.

The beauty of Trim Healthy Mama for me is that it is not terribly different from how I was eating before – I just eat my meals in different combinations and have ditched some carbs like bread, and I’ve swapped rice for quinoa.  And the weight is coming off.  Not eating sugar has been a way of life for me for several years now, so that part of the THM lifestyle isn’t difficult for me.

I’ve dropped a dress size this month while eating yummy food and seldom feeling deprived or hungry.

I’ve deliberately kept meals simple (eggs for breakfast, some sort of salad for lunch, chili with quinoa and veges for dinner etc) just to get the hang of eating ‘S’ meals and ‘E’ meals (pretty meaningless I know, read the book).  This past week I branched out into the world of cream cheese – yes, you can eat cream cheese! – and we enjoyed an amazing broccoli and cheese soup, and a ‘cheesecake’/berry/nut dessert.

While some of THM’s dessert recipes are a bit complicated or expensive (like ‘use 10 egg whites…’), what I love is that the majority of the recipes are  simple to prepare.  And it’s not too hard to THMify some of my own staple recipes.  The other day we realised the meat for that night’s dinner was off, but fortunately D had bought a ton of chicken which was on special so there was at least something fresh to hand.  I simply chopped up some veges, and threw it in the pan with the chicken, some fresh ginger, soy sauce, and peanut butter.  Usually I would have added rice, but as peanut butter is fatty, carbs are a no-no.  There were no complaints about the lack of rice, and Sausage ate loads of chicken (she’s a peanut butter fiend).

I did have two non THM meals this week: one at a family dinner (as a guest I simply eat whatever is put in front of me), and a snatched lunch at the hospital cafe as I spent the day in ED with my brother (he’s okay).  I try not to get into ‘oh well I’ve blown it’ thinking, and so far so good.

I weighed myself today.  I’ve been putting it off because I knew it would depress me, but I figured it would be helpful to my readers to know just how much weight loss is happening.  I think I will weigh myself once a month so I don’t get obsessive about it.  But sheesh.  It was definitely a depressing number.  However, I take comfort from the fact that my clothes are getting looser – which means more wardrobe options for me as my pre-Chipolata clothes fit – and that I am actually doing something about that number, instead of feeling hopeless.

I have two magic numbers to hit and plan to reward myself when I get there.  No food or money involved of course.

4 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Thursday: One Month In

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