Dollar Diet: Week 13, and a cheap date night idea

You ever had one of those days where you just wonder why you bothered getting out of bed?

I felt so thwarted the other day.    I had applied for a stall at a local market where you can sell off your kiddie stuff, amongst other things.  There was a small fee involved to have a stall and being in the Dollar Diet zone, I was excited about the prospect of making a buck or two selling clothes and other baby-related gear that my kids have grown out of.  It was billed as an Easter Market so I also got my craft on and upcycled some old formula tins into these:


I spent several hours preparing for the market only for it to be cancelled due to forecasted rain.  Sigh.  I probably lost about $20 in materials used for the plant holders and for some baking I made to sell, but on the other hand I have some nice Easter gifts!

I spent $2 taking Sausage to a kid’s art event run by my church.  Sausage had a great time painting a pot and planting a bulb in it, while learning about the real meaning of Easter.  We try to keep our ‘extra-curricular’ activities to a minimum to save money – we do loads of cool stuff at home – but we love to support our church events, and these art events are so much fun.

2015-03-28 10.29.51

D saved us a tidy sum of money by doing some handyman work.  Our front door handle snapped off in my MIL’s hand the other day, rendering it useless (it was metal fatigue, not her strong grip 🙂 ).  We sourced a door knob that is in keeping with our 1920’s home, and voila!DSCN0001

D would be the first person to admit he doesn’t know much about DIY, but he simply watched a YouTube video and reckoned he could put the new handle in himself.  Yay D!

We harvested a ton of feijoas, and some spinach from our garden, and were given more quince chutney from our neighbour after D waxed lyrical about his new love affair with quince (he’s obsessed).

D also spent some of his own money left from our pre-Spending Fast days, when we gave ourselves a small weekly allowance.  He bought us tickets to the first Whanganui Pecha Kucha night.  I used to attend Pecha Kucha when we lived in Wellington so I was very excited to discover Whanganui was getting in on the act.  If you haven’t been before, go!  I guarantee you it will be a fantastic, inspiring night out, and I’ve never paid more than $10 for a ticket.  Pecha Kucha means chit-chat in Japanese and these events were dreamed up by two architects who got tired of people taking sooooooo long to deliver presentations.  Basically you get 20 slides and 20 seconds to speak to each slide, on whatever topic you like.  I’ve been to several PK nights and have never gone away without having laughed, being moved deeply, being energised and thinking what amazing value for money my ten bucks was!  The best presentation I’ve ever seen was a guy talking about his quest for the perfect toast rack.  Sounds stupid I know, but I was laughing hysterically by the end of it.

Whanganui’s PK night did not disappoint.  Our Mayor gave a emotional, personal account of the death of her husband and I applaud her bravery in being so vulnerable.  Many speakers were hilarious, including a friend of ours who boasts the most-watched talk on the PK website, having presented his talk before in Christchurch.  It was the first date night D and I have had this year that cost us money, but as I’m keen to attend the next one, I’d better sell some stuff online to pay for it!

We forked out a chunk of change today for flights for D and Sausage to visit family in the Netherlands later in the year.  D managed to save around $700 just by choosing slightly less convenient flights.  Fortunately part of the cost has been covered by D’s Opa who generously gave his grandchildren money at Christmas.  By the end of April our spending fast savings will have completely covered my trip to Adelaide, and it should only take us five months to cover the costs of the flights.  D hasn’t seen his Opa since he was 12, so it will be very special for D to get to know his grandfather as an adult. We don’t normally take overseas trips – especially not two a year – but D’s Opa is in his 90s and this feels like D’s last chance to see him.  We know that he will be thrilled to see Donald, and Sausage will be the icing on the cake.

It’s scary to see our bank balance go down so much, but D and I feel in control of our finances and know our Dollar Diet savings will pay it back soon enough.

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