Dollar Diet: Week 15, getting in to old clothes

We’ve been chugging along pretty well with our Dollar Diet, but I must confess that I broke my ‘no new clothes’ rule this week.  I felt guilty, but then again I felt like I had shopped for the right reasons for a change!

I’ve been having a tough time with something in my personal life.  Fortunately I have some solid people around me, some of whom are skilled in counselling and psychology, and I have been able to talk things through with them.  ‘You need to practice some good self-care while this is going on, Angela’ one of them said.  I knew my friend was right, as my needs are often the last that I attend to.  I immediately drew up a list of nice things I could do for myself.

Unfortunately, shopping was at the top of my list.  Sigh.  I’d love for bubble baths, walks along the beach and other free things to be at the top of that list.  I really would.  I adore going galleries, museums, and having a good chat with my friends.  But there is still nothing that perks me up faster than trawling an op-shop.  Sad, I know!  I even said to myself ‘You could just look, but not buy anything’.  I swear I went to my favourite op-shop with that intention.  D encouraged me to go, and kindly provided childcare so I could do whatever I wanted to for an afternoon.  I spent a wonderful two hours perusing the op-shop, and especially had a ball when I discovered I could get into clothes that were two sizes smaller since starting Trim Healthy Mama!  Oh yeah.  That felt pretty damn good.  I spent the princely sum of $9 on a top for myself and came home feeling really good.

So, my shopping expedition served it purpose as I am in a much better frame of mind, but I am choosing to practice even better self-care by not going back to my former bargain-hunting ways.  I DON’T NEED ANY CLOTHES.  I just don’t.  Next time I feel the urge to go shopping I will repeat this phrase to myself over and over and over.  The fact is, that despite being two dress sizes down, I still have a whole closet of clothes I can wear as I have a couple of suitcases stuffed with smaller clothes that I’ve been hanging onto.  You know, just in case.  D is also reaping the benefits of our sugar-free, THM lifestyle (why do men lose weight so much faster than women?), and is enjoying fitting into his smaller clothes once more.  He reckons THM is’ very spending fast’ because he hasn’t had to buy any new clothes now that his old ones fit so well again.

Anyway, this week has been very frugal as it is currently school holidays, so we have no play groups to attend.  The kids and I have mostly hung around at home (the weather has been typically appalling), and I’ve found plenty of free things for us to do.  As I said in my last post, we went to an Open Day at our local Fire Station and boogied on down at a family-friendly dance party.  We’ve hung out with friends at their homes instead of cafes.  We’ve got books out from the library.  Sausage and I have made crafts from stuff lying around the house.  D has been a feijoa peeling machine and has stashed away several tonnes of it for us to use in the weeks to come.

Just normal, no money-needed activities.  I really am learning that you don’t need lots of money to live well.


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