Why I’m switching to the Dollar Diet

Stands on soapbox.

Taps mic.

‘Ahem, is this thing on?  Oh good.’

So, my regular readers will note that my weekly personal finance posts now have a new title.  This is because I was asked by the person who came up with the concept of a [insert old title here] to remove ALL reference to [insert old title here] in my blog as it is a registered trademark.  I did think this was a bit on the nose as I have never misrepresented [insert old title here] as being my idea.  I am merely someone who is trying a ‘product’ or in this case a concept, and reviewing how it is working for me.  But then, I do not live in litigious America and have a trademark to vigorously defend.  So apologies to Anna.  I have done as you asked.
Let the proclamation ring out across the land…or internet…that my blogging about my year of watching my pennies will henceforth be called the Dollar Diet.

Gets off soapbox.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m switching to the Dollar Diet

  1. Pity you didn’t try something with an international flavour. If you were after alliteration you could have gone for the Peso Picnic or the Franc Freeze. You could state that you no longer had a yen for Yen, that in school you always had Good Marks, or that you could never remember your Renminbi.

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