Dollar Diet: Week 19, zzzzzzzz

This week’s update is rather boring I’m afraid.  I have no amazing tales of frugality to share, nor do I have any epic tales of woe in failing my Dollar Diet.  Our biggest expense this week was getting a key cut for our new (new-to-us several months ago) car as it only came with one.  D and I could have lived with one key, but D was worried about the horrendous cost (over $500) of getting a whole new key made should we loose ‘the one true key’.  So we took the cheaper option of getting a copy of our current electronic car key made, which was still $180!  Damn these electronic locks.

Our holiday budget is now only $860 in the red, having paid off my holiday to Adelaide with Dollar Diet savings.  We will be able to get it back in black in a couple of months, in plenty of time for D and Sausage’s September trip to the Netherlands to see family.  After their holiday, we’ll probably throw some savings at our car and home maintenance budget, and Christmas (although I intend to make our gifts this year, we’ll probably need to up our food budget a bit as we get lots of visitors over the Christmas break).

I can definitely say that some of my earlier frugal mojo has waned, as I was reflecting yesterday that I have been rubbish at making gifts lately (Mother’s Day, birthdays etc).  Life has been busy and I am just plain tired and uninspired.  I need to get some supplies to make gifts with, and carve out some more crafty time again.

We kept Mother’s Day low-key (we do this anyway, Dollar Diet or not), but I was treated to a special breakfast and lunch.  I was given a cheap-and-cheerful bunch of flowers with a home made card, and got to eat my breakfast in peace.  Bliss.  D and I will have to put our thinking caps on as our wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and our eating out budget is set at zero for this year.

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