Dollar Diet: Week 21 – Simple dinner parties

It’s been an extremely busy week!  As well as our frugal anniversary, we had a dinner party with friends, helped my brother move, and did quite a bit to get his new property ready.

D and I are very social people and love to host people at our house.  A few years ago D and I were part of a Christian community, and were in a team of 12-16 people at any one time.  We had a shared meal once a week, which we took turns providing.  Having had to cater for kids, vegetarians, and celiacs within that group means I do not sweat about dinner parties anymore! The most important thing I learned from that experience was to Keep.It.Simple.  People don’t need fancy dinners if they are enjoying great hospitality.  Some of the best dinner parties we’ve had saw us serve things like soup and bread, or a hearty stew.  I use my slow-cooker a lot for such occasions so that I’m not running around like a headless chook when my guests arrive.  The meals we serve are simply a larger version of meals we’d normally have, no searching for star anise or whipping up ganache for me.

This week’s dinner party included lots of children and a vegetarian, so we had chicken wraps, with lots of fillings, and I made a bean burrito mix for my vegetarian friend.  We roasted the chicken, and I made the tortillas myself as I cannot bring myself to buy them when I know how easy and cheap they are to make by hand (if you want the recipe, let me know).

Friends gave us lots of fruit and nuts as a thank-you for dogsitting – which they totally didn’t need to do as he is a dream to look after.  But it was very kind of them, and saved us buying any fruit for the week.

We harvested even more feijoas, just when I thought the tree was done for the season.  I planted seedlings that I had grown myself into my new vege garden, so I am looking forward to munching on winter veg in a few weeks.


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