Trim Healthy Thursday: Swings and roundabouts

My eagle-eyed readers might have noticed my lack of Trim Healthy Mama posting last week.  This was because it was a terrible week for me.

I had several days where most of my meals weren’t ‘on plan’ at all.  You know what derailed me?

Pumpkin soup.

My nemesis (image credit)

My nemesis
(image credit)

It sounds ridiculous I know, but I find it really hard to not have bread with my soup.  I have yet to discover a frugal but delicious low-carb bread recipe (if you have any, let me know!), so when D’s home made bread was on the table for everyone else, I caved in and had some.  Pumpkins are super cheap at the moment so we are having lots and lots of soup, which is why I had several non-THM meals last week.

I found I quickly descended as into all-or-nothing thinking. Oh well, lunch wasn’t THM, so let’s go ahead and have another non-THM meal for dinner.  You know, that sort of thing.  It’s totally warped thinking, and yet as any serial dieter will testify to, it’s a very common response.

So while I didn’t eat anything horrendously unhealthy – mostly it was just bread – that ‘just bread’ threw me out of whack so easily.  So I had a think.  And thunked some more.

Really, what it boils down to is that I don’t find soup filling, hence the bread.  Rather than banish delectable pumpkin soup from my diet, I am simply going to have it with a bit of lean protein on the side.  Mischief managed.

We have had gallons of soup again this week and I haven’t been tempted to eat off-plan at all.  I’m not striving for perfection by the way, just sustainability.  I am not flagellating myself for eating bread, that’s just dumb.  Even after my bad week I still didn’t want to throw in the THM towel, as it is simply such an easy way to eat.

I don’t have any epic losses to report, but my once-tight clothes are noticeably loose (to the point where some items are unwearable), and I am looking forward to going down another dress size – nearly there.


2 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Thursday: Swings and roundabouts

  1. You can do this! I saw a funny comparison the other day to the phenomenon you’re describing (we all do it): It’s like saying, “Aw man, I cracked my phone. Better bang it on the floor until it doesn’t work anymore!”

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