Dollar Diet: Week 23, bargain-hunting

At the weekend my MIL, Sausage and I went to a huge vintage craft market held at Feilding.  I had initially baulked at the $5 entry fee, but an advertising blurb made the market sound like it would be a great place to source materials to make crafts from, so this was the main attraction for me.  I have several gifts/sewing projects I want to start but I am on the hunt for some great fabric.

The market was awesome, but was NOT a place to source much craft material unless you were into jewellery or card-making.  All the other stalls were filled with people selling the crafts they had made themselves.  While this was disappointing, it wasn’t a wasted trip – I managed to find the perfect gift for my BFF and scored a wooden ‘threading tree’ for only $5 (perfect to help my kids with their fine motor skills).

The rest of the week was pretty frugal.  We bulk bought some ground beef and still managed to underspend on groceries – hooray!  I harvested another load of apples from one of our trees, and gathered the last gasp off our feijoa tree.  I got two dresses and a top for Sausage at a ‘bring and swap’ table at one of the playgroups we go to.  If your playgroup doesn’t do this, I highly recommend asking the organisers to start one.  It’s very easy to set up, and really just needs one person to take care of it.  You bring clothes, shoes etc that your tot has grown out of, and take what you need.  Simple.  I have never seen anyone abuse this system.  Sausage was particularly thrilled with her new/old Dorothy the Dinosaur (from the Wiggles) T shirt I found in the clothing pile.

D had reason to celebrate last week after some hard graft, and really wanted some beer.  We rarely drink most of the time so we had none in the house.  D had enough money from his own ‘allowance’ to cover it.  We both have a tiny weekly allowance that pays for our life insurance with a little bit left over to spend on whatever we want.  As both of us almost never spend it, we have enough money to cover occasional treats like this.  If I need more money that I currently have, I look for ways to make it, like selling something on Trade Me.  This has been an incredibly useful habit that the Dollar Diet has gotten us into.  Instead of mindlessly giving myself a treat because I/D/the kids have ‘earned’ it, I really have to give it some thought.  For instance, raising cash to buy D’s Father’s Day gift is already on my radar despite the fact that it’s not until September here in New Zealand.  The kids can make him something for free, but there is something else he really needs that I cannot make myself and will have to buy (oooh, so mysterious).

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