Trim Healthy Thursday: Wasting away…a photo update

Even though it’s Friday here in NZ, technically speaking it’s still Thursday for many of my readers so today’s post still counts, right?

I have been doing THM for four months now and thought it was time for another photo update.  I’m sooooo glad I’ve chosen this way to measure my progress because I was starting to get somewhat discouraged, as I think I have hit a bit of a plateau at the moment.  All I can say is if you are doing THM: throw away the scales and take photos to measure your progress instead.  I’ve lost about 7 kilos during the four months, but as you can see from the pictures below it looks considerably more than that.



My husband loves to joke that I am wasting away.  Whilst I’m certainly not in any danger of that, he is my biggest supporter and cheerleader and I appreciate the encouragement.

I may not have dramatic results like some THMers, but it IS working.  (Wahoo!)  I don’t use any special ingredients as we are on a tight budget.  You can read here about how I keep it simple.

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