Dollar Diet: Week 26, back on track

After last week’s bender, this week has been rather uneventful.

My mum gave me a pair of sneakers that didn’t fit her properly, which I was delighted about.  I have a lovely pair but they aren’t watertight, which is not the best thing ever when it’s raining.  The rubber seal had come away from the fabric a bit and I tried to repair it with shoe glue, which sort of worked.  They are otherwise perfectly presentable so I won’t be getting rid of them, but it is nice to not have soggy patches of sock when it pours down with rain.

New shoes!  See how boldly I defy fashion convention by mixing spots and stripes.

New shoes! See how boldly I defy fashion convention by mixing spots and stripes.

Our tangelos have come into season, and our grapefruit won’t be far behind.  I will make marmalade from the surplus, although finding people who eat it these days is tricky!  Poor old marmalade just isn’t cool anymore.  If I could make a sugar free version I would be happy, but alas, sugar is rather an important component.

I under-shopped our groceries this week, so much so that D bought $70 worth of fish and ground beef as it was on special.  It will do us for several weeks.

I ran out of steam on a very busy Sunday and couldn’t be bothered doing any baking for a neighbourhood support meeting I hosted, and bought a packet of biscuits – but I made up for it by doing some baking for my church home group.  I have two small tot birthday parties coming up where I have not been organised enough to craft something in advance, but after giving myself a stern talking to about taking this Dollar Diet seriously, I have plans afoot.

We had a massive power bill this month (over $300!) but we do have two tots whose rooms we heat at night via thermostat as they are still too small to think ‘I’m cold, I should turn on the heater/put on another blanket etc’.  Plus D works from home, and I am at home a lot with the kids.  Thanks to careful budgeting, this massive bill has meant we are only $10 in the red for that particular line of our budget (which of course we can pay for thanks to our Dollar Diet savings).

Our Dollar Diet savings mean that we can give more when we need to. 

We can be more generous.  We donated to Whanganui’s Mayoral Relief fund to help those affected by the recent flood.  There are so many people without insurance who have lost everything, and my heart goes out to them.  Having worked at a Soup Kitchen I know just how far a benefit can stretch, and insurance premiums just don’t factor in when it means the difference between feeding your kids or not.  I encourage you to give a little to this fund too and help get people back on their feet.

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