Dollar Diet: Week 29, false economies

D had to shell out money for a new pair of glasses this week.  I am always soooo glad I have good eyesight because glasses are ridiculously expensive here in New Zealand – at least several hundred dollars a pair.  D bought a pair locally a few months ago and got the cheapest pair he possibly could, as locally sourced pairs are much more expensive than on the net.  They promptly broke a few days later, thanks to some rough-housing with Sausage.  A little glue fixed them, but when Chip re-broke them last week it was time for  a new pair.

D has learnt the hard way to always go for quality when it comes to high-use items like glasses.  If he’d opted for a more expensive pair they might have withstood some rough-housing, and saved us paying over the odds for a replacement pair.

On a bright note I took part in a ‘Mamabake’ session, which was so much fun.  The premise is that a bunch of friends get together to swap baking or prepare a meal that can be chucked in the slow cooker.  You prepare enough to cover a family of four times the number of people taking part.  Vegetable prep goes by swiftly with a cuppa and a good chat!  We had a great time and went home with several meals that we can whip out when we’re having ‘one of those days’ and that we didn’t have to cook!  Win-win, that’s for sure.

Some of the spoils

Some of the spoils

Looking forward to eating this!

Looking forward to eating this!

Other frugal things have been harvesting some tangelos and the last of our apples, and getting a huge box of clothes for the children from a friend.  My tots are pretty sorted for the year ahead, I doubt I will need to buy them much at all for quite some time.

I had a big clean out of clothes and donated some, while others are (still) waiting for me to sell them online.  I baked up a storm, although my banana-cake-that-took-three-times-as-long-as-it-should-to-bake had me stopping for a packet of cookies as the cake was intended for sharing at a friend’s house.  Entertainment-wise we have kept close to home or visited friends, although Sausage has started a gym class this week.  However, we have plenty of money in the ‘kids’ line of our budget thanks to not having to buy them clothes and other kid-related items so the new class is not a problem.

So the usual wins and losses that life brings this week.

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