Trim Healthy Thursday: Taking it up a notch

6 months in.

My thinking spot

My thinking spot

Woah.  That’s a lifetime in diet years.  Am I happy with my progress?  Yes and no. Yes, I have dropped two dress sizes, and have discovered I have a waist after all.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to wanting more dramatic results like some people share on Facebook.  I know, I know, slow and steady wins the race and all that.

If I am being totally honest with myself, my ability to stay on plan waivers from day to day.  Some days are fine and other days are derailed by various off-plan things that slip in here and there.  I’m not a purist sort of person, I think some ‘cheating’ (I really hate that term by the way!) is okay.  In fact, you must expect to cheat.  There are people out there who can stick to an eating plan and never waiver, but they are few and far between.  Some people allow themselves a cheat meal a week or a cheat day, which I think is a more realistic way to live.

I haven’t been allowing myself a cheat meal here and there, but I have been doing it all the same, so it’s time to take Trim Healthy Mama up a notch.  So I think I might officially give myself one per week (especially as my birthday is this week!), and try something new to curb bad habits and encourage the good.  I took myself off to my best thinking spot and thought.  And thought some more.

I have been reading books by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, and have been particularly taken with her work on habits.  You can check out some of her work here.  The psychologist in me loves this sort of stuff, and Gretchen’s take on habit formation makes a lot of sense to me.  In her book, Better than Before, Gretchen spells out the need to understand your personality before you attempt to change a habit.

A strategy that works for my personality is ‘monitoring’ i.e. keeping a close eye on how things are going.  In the spirit of trying something new, I have devised a weekly sheet where I will tick off all the meals where I stuck to THM, when I exercised and when I got to bed before 10pm (I need lots of sleep).  I have also devised some rewards for when I hit a goal.  It all sounds a bit simple and rather schoolish, but I’m pretty sure it will work for me.  If that all sounds rather boring, read the book to discover what might work for you.

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