Trim Healthy Thursday: Pluses and minuses

I have not had a good couple of weeks doing Trim Healthy Mama.  As I don’t normally eat sugar, my birthday brownie had the usual results: fatigue the next day, an all-day headache that painkillers won’t fix, and a couple of weeks of spiked appetite.

I’ve been sooooo hungry and eating everything in sight, including carbs.  I upped my protein levels in the hopes that that would do the trick, but going three hours between meals has been impossible at times.  I just need to ride it out as my appetite will get back to normal soon.

I definitely won’t be indulging in anything sugary for a long, long time as it’s just not worth it.

I have been doing great at exercising daily (I mix up running, HIIT, and yoga) so my abstaining from NOT working out seems to be working as a strategy to form a new, positive habit.  My HIIT workouts have really helped my cardiovascular fitness – running is much easier.  I’m enjoying my early morning workouts, and actually look forward to them(!).  My BFF and I have set ourselves the goal of doing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in December, so I will be adding stair climbing to the mix in preparation.

I was asked what the monitoring sheet I mentioned last week looked like, so here it is:

My 'PA'

My ‘PA’

It has been really useful at nudging me in other areas of my life, like doing daily devotions and keeping on top of all our laundry.  As I said last week, if that all seems rather pedantic to you, it’s probably because it’s a strategy that won’t work for your personality.  I’m finding monitoring my habits closely sure as heck works for me.

I weighed myself the other day and the result number was still depressing.  I have lost about 8 kilos which I know is not to be sniffed at, but still.  I feel like it should be more.  However, today I went to a local department store called Farmers, as I had a gift card from last year’s birthday burning a hole in my pocket.  I needed to replace a pair of jeans that are too big for me (a nice problem to have) and was delighted to discover that I no longer fit the Plus Size range – I can fit the clothing in the ‘regular’ range.  If you’ve never had Plus Size clothing as your only option, you cannot comprehend what a big deal this is.

All of a sudden an abundance of clothing becomes available, in shapes and colours that are actually fashionable and flattering.  Plus Size clothing manufacturers seem to think that fat women are just dying to wear shapeless sacks that look like your Nana has attacked them with her bedazzler.  Seriously, I could go on about Plus Size fashion atrocities for hours, but I will stop here.

As it was, I left the store holding a pair of skinny jeans two sizes smaller than when I started THM, and from the ‘regular’ rack.  Awesome.



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