Dollar Diet: Week 32, making plans

A quick post this week as we haven’t done much due to illness.  The kids are (mostly) over their tummy bugs, but Chip is still um, suffering from some of the effects.  This means we. stay. away. from. other. kids.  So a pretty boring week for us so far, with no end in sight yet.

In the spirit of the Dollar Diet, and needing to get the hell out of the house, I took the kids to the beach this morning.  It was glorious.  I mean, it was so warm I was in my t-shirt.  In August!  The kids had a ball at the beach playground, and even more fun getting mucky and sandy on the beach.  The morning flew by and my tots didn’t care that no other children were around.

This afternoon I did spend money on preparations for Sausage’s trip to the Netherlands.  She is going there for two weeks with D and her Oma while Chip and I will wait forlornly for their return.  She’s generally a very good traveller, but obviously unaccustomed to the sheer torture that is the ‘long-haul flight’.  I scoured the op-shops and our wonderous local cavern of delight a.k.a. Paige’s Book Gallery, for lightweight books and other novelties that might keep a toddler entertained for hours.  And hours.  I came back with a reasonable haul and I will share it with you at a later post.

Stay healthy y’all.  It seems as if half of Whanganui has this bug.

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