Trim Healthy Thursday: Just Desserts

It’s been a challenging week for Trim Healthy Mama and I.  I succumbed to the stomach bug my tots had, and therefore had a day of eating nothing (always makes me think of that scene in the Devil Wears Prada – “I’m one stomach flu away from being a size zero!”), and several days of eating white bread with vegemite.

Once I was well enough, I began a one week fuel cycle, which I realise is meaningless to those of you who haven’t read the book.  Anyway, I am using this week to get my first reward – some of my birthday money.  The other week I set myself several goals.  The more challenging they are, the higher the reward.  My first goal was really simple: one week of zero ‘cheating’ (no off-plan meals or snacks) = $20 to spend at my favourite op-shop.  Will I make it?  Stay tuned folks.

Exercise-wise I had several days off due to being sick, but got back in the saddle as soon as I could.  I enjoy my morning runs immensely.  As we move into Spring, it is now almost light when I head off (it was pitch black only a couple of weeks ago), and spring blossoms are starting to appear…can you tell I’m hanging out for Spring?

And – big news – I have found a THM dessert I actually like.  Hooray!!!!  Not to be unfair to the authors, I have barely made any of the desserts, but the few I have made I haven’t liked at all.  So I was delighted to discover THM meringues are delicious.  Yes, I eat meringues and cream and am still loosing weight.


2 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Thursday: Just Desserts

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