Trim Healthy Thursday: Photo Update

Getting smaller

Getting smaller

Quite some difference between now and February isn’t it?  Thanks Trim Healthy Mama!

Not so much between June and August obviously, but what you don’t see in this picture is that I am wearing that jean skirt for the last time because it is three sizes too small now, and I pulled the shirt in at the back because it is very baggy and therefore hard to see the shape underneath. I can see in my latest picture my waist is more defined and my tummy is smaller.

Last week I embarked on a one week fuel cycle and a personal challenge of completing an entire week of THM with zero cheats.  I’m proud to say I did it!  In hindsight I won’t set myself a personal challenge in the same week as doing a fuel cycle again, because Oh my Lord was it hard when I did two days of Fuel Pull food (gibberish to non-THM people, sorry).  But having said that, being so close to getting a reward did spur me on to stick with it, so maybe I will.

My reward was $20 to spend at my favourite second hand store.  I spent an hour and a half perusing their racks today (the store is huge) and was delighted to find I fit into clothing from more high street retailers.  I fitted a gorgeous knit dress from Max (haven’t been able to get into their clothes for three or four years now).  I was tempted to buy it and then I thought ‘Winter is almost over, and this time next year it will be too big’, so it went back on the rack.

Emboldened by my success I decided to try a high street chain store whose sizes tend to run a bit small.  Fitting into their largest size was another goal of mine, and then the next size down.

The largest size fit perfectly.  Hand over my reward, D!

The next size down was snug, but is probably only a few weeks away from fitting.

I am so encouraged by my results, and will keep chugging along the THM way.  It works.


8 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Thursday: Photo Update

  1. Congratulations! I am a fellow Trim Healthy Mama also, and just recently sent in my testimonial with before and after photos to THM. Seeing the photos side by side is always a great encouragement to continue with the plan. Keep up the great work!

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