Dollar Diet: Week 44, a frugal getaway

As I mentioned last week, D and I were given the gift of two child-free nights.

It was bliss.  I’d forgotten what uninterrupted sleep was like!  D and I had a great time just being D and A again.  We stayed at a friend’s holiday home, who only asks for koha (a gift from the heart).  The home is a couple of streets away from the beach at a tiny coastal settlement.  Nothing beats going to sleep to hearing waves crash upon the shore.

D and I saved money by taking food with us, and enjoyed a picnic lunch by a lake.  We spent the morning sleeping in as long as possible, and did a bit of op-shopping (simply because the nearest big town has some amazing charity shops, it seemed silly to pass up the chance).  I’m so glad we did – I picked up a pair of waterproof bib trousers that normally retail for $40-50 for $3.50!  They are perfect for Sausage to wear when mucking around in sand, water or mud to her heart’s content.  And by the time she’s outgrown them, Chip will be big enough for them.

We spent the afternoon walking through a forest and reading books.

And then…I started to feel sick.  For what feels like the millionth time this year.

The kids were supposed to join us on Saturday, but come Saturday morning it was pretty clear I had the ‘flu.  Fortunately it wasn’t as if we had pre-booked a hotel or anything.  We got in the car and went home.  Even though it was disappointing not to get away as a family, D and I are grateful to have gotten in two nights sleep and one perfect, relaxing day spent in each other’s company.

So the rest of the week was much more frugal that anticipated, due to being bed-ridden for several days.  I guess the pneumonia I contracted last month has wiped out my immune system good and proper so I am catching everything that is going around.  It’s very frustrating – especially as I eat well and exercise!  All I can do is take good care of myself, and pray for an early summer that is hot enough to get rid of all these nasty germs.

If anyone has any tips on boosting your immune system, let me know!


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