Trim Healthy Thursday: Going down?

Despite getting the flu I managed to mostly stick to Trim Healthy Mama food this week.  After jumping on the scales today I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost 3.5 kilos.  This brings my weight loss total to 12 kilos since starting THM.

The scale is finally going down again

The scale is finally going down again (image credit)

It had been a couple of weeks since the last time I’d checked my weight, and at my last weight-in I was left a bit flat due to stalling for several weeks.

The THM fuel cycle works.  It really does.

Since completing the fuel cycle, people are starting to notice my weight loss.  I get a lot of ‘up and down’ body glances accompanied with ‘you’re looking well’, which is polite-speak for ‘have you lost weight?’  A Wellington friend felt compelled to email me to ask after seeing a picture of me on Facebook.  ‘Your face looks different,’ she said.

Today I put on one of my favourite tops that I haven’t been able to fit since having children.  It has quite a fitted bodice, and my husband took one look and said ‘Woah, you really are shrinking!  There’s much less of you than there used to be’.

Now this is why THM is different to anything else I’ve tried – and believe me when I say I’ve tried ’em all – I am 10 kilos heavier than I was the last time I fitted that top.  10 kilos heavier.  That’s not insignificant!  And yet, here I am, perfectly able to get into my old ‘skinnier me’ clothes.

Weird.  But hey, I’ll take that win.


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