Dollar Diet: week 47, these boots are made for walkin’


This week I spent more than I should have.

I am enjoying spending one-on-one time with Chip while D and Sausage are in the Netherlands, but all this time with him has bought home to me just how much stimulation my active boy needs.  He was very happy and content while we visited friends in Auckland; I guess because everything was new, there were lots of people around and we did some really cool stuff.  Back at home it is just him and I, and well, Mum just doesn’t cut it.  As long as we are out doing stuff he is happy, but otherwise he is whiny and clingy.

With this in mind, we’ve had more outings than usual in order to save our sanity.  I took him to Ashley Park, and spent $10 more than necessary as I thought some relatives were going to join us but they changed their minds after I’d paid…

Still, Chip, my brother and I had a marvellous time being out in the sunshine and feeding the animals.  I also took Chip swimming which keeps him happy for hours and hours.

I needlessly wasted money on buying a packet of biscuits to take for morning tea at church.  I keep forgetting to bake something, and as our church service is quite early in the morning there just isn’t time to quickly prepare something.  I’m going to try a new strategy of doing some sort of baking over Friday lunchtimes and see if that works instead.  Even though biscuits are reasonably cheap, it is still money down the drain when we have all the ingredients here to make a healthier and tastier batch than store-bought biscuits.

I was also gutted to discover a terrible stain on one of my favourite t-shirts.  I have no idea what happened to it because I certainly don’t remember spilling anything down it.  Unfortunately it is beyond saving, which sucks as my collection of nice t-shirts that fit me properly has drastically dwindled thanks to THM.

My Mum kindly presented me with a new pair black boots, which means I no longer have to save for some!  Hurray!  She had purchased a lovely pair last year but never wore them.  They fit me perfectly and are good quality so I am hoping to get several years of wear out of them.

I find I am still struggling with the shopping urge.  I am desperate to get my next fix, even though I have long switched my high street stores for op-shops.  I haven’t ventured into any, but still the desire remains.  I have plenty of clothes.  Even though I have lost weight, I still have a stash of clothes in my new size (and smaller, waiting in the wings).  I have enough to cover any sort of occasion.  I do not NEED anything.  And yet the desire to get more remains.  It’s so frustrating, and I wonder what it will take to break this.  Should I buy no clothes at all for a year?

I recently spent time with a friend who is a compulsive shopper.  She cannot go out without getting a little something, and as a result, her place is filled with junk.  She’s a parent and has transferred some of this onto buying stuff for her kids, and I find I have to watch myself on this issue too.  My kids have heaps of clothes, but I still find it hard to go past something they ‘need’, especially if it’s a good price.  But anyway, going shopping with this person was an eye opener into my own past bad habits – habits that I have firmly left behind or are working on.  I really would like to get over the clothes shopping habit, even if I am just spending a few bucks on an op-shop ‘bargain’.

What do you think?  Have you tried to break a shopping habit?  Does the thought of not buying clothes for a year fill you with dread?

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