Trim Healthy Thursday: solidifying good habits

I really wanted to focus on getting plenty of exercise this week, after barely breaking a sweat during the time I was in Auckland.

As soon as we got back home I was raring to go and did a great HIIT workout.  As I am home alone (without my husband) I have to fit my workouts around my baby’s sleep.  When D is home I workout first thing in the morning, while he gets the baby up for the day.  I like to get my exercise out of the way for the day, and D has a body clock that wakes him up early anyway so this has been a good system.

In D’s absence I decided to workout after I put Chip down for the night.  This worked well for that first raring session, but failed for the next two nights as I was too knackered by the end of the day.  I have been eating and sleeping well, but I think having sole charge of Chip has been wearying as I am used to more ‘breaks’ in my day, thanks to the presence of D and our daughter Sausage.

So I switched to working out over Chip’s nap time and that has worked well.  It does mean I madly rush around doing the housework, do meal prep, eat lunch and exercise all in this sacred space of time, but at least it gets me off my butt.  Regular exercise is a habit I want to cultivate so it’s worth investing in a little thinking time to figure out how to make it work.

D will be home in a few days time so I can go back to my normal routine, but I am glad all the hard work of my previous months has not been wasted.  I miss running and can’t wait to get back into it.

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