Dollar Diet: Week 48, off with a roar!

Last week I wrote about all the things we are doing, or intend to do to tighten our belts while our income is a bit lower than usual (due to D starting a new business).

D and I set to that belt-tightening with great gusto, so here’s an update on how we are going.

  • Become a one-car family.  We’ve put our People Mover up for sale and are hoping we get a decent price for it.
  • Buy a bike trailer.  We’re waiting for the car to sell before we do this.
  • Wean our son off soy formula and onto soy milk.  This is going really well.  Chip is happily taking bottles of half-formula, half soy milk.  We’ll up the milk over the next few days.
  • Be more diligent about using cloth nappies and wipes.  This is going REALLY well.  I cut up cloths and put them in a jar with a couple of squirts of cetaphil and some water.  It works like a charm.  The dirty cloths go into another glass jar.  I chose glass jars as they are easily cleaned and sterilised in our dishwasher.  We’ve been really diligent with using cloth nappies, although I wish I could find some that my son doesn’t wet through immediately when he does a wee.  One day I changed his clothes four times!
  • Shop our pantry.  Done.  You can see it here.  I absolutely recommend doing this.  For me, there was something about seeing what I had as a list, that got me thinking ‘Oh, I can make x, and combine y and z together…’
  • Use up all the fruit and veg from our garden.  This is going well, and if we get some decent weather I will be putting in another big veggie garden soon.  We are incredibly fortunate to own a place with many established fruit trees, and my sandwich garden has a good crop of broccoli, onions, lettuce and leeks that are ready for munching.

    om nom nom nom

    om nom nom nom

  • Say no to any unnecessary entertainment.  This is the only category that we have not done well in this week.  My wonderful cousin is visiting from Oamaru (and a shout out to the ones left at home, we miss you soooo much!), so I have had such a good time hanging out with her this week.  We’ve had  few treats as a result, but quite frankly this is why we are on a Dollar Diet – so we can have some treats when special people come to town.
  • Make our own cleaning products.  See cloth wipes above.
  • Sell off our unwanted items.  I haven’t listed my things yet, but plan to this coming week.  But I have sorted through everything and have made sure clothes are ironed etc for photos.
  • Do our own DIY as much as possible.  D and his side-kick J finished off putting a gate to close off our backyard from the front.  It looks great.

    Woohoo!  All done.

    Woohoo! All done.

Not a bad effort.  Next week our entertainment budget will go back to zero.  It is school holidays here, so we don’t have our usual playgroups to go to, but I do have several things lined up for my tots to do, and plenty of time spent playing and mooching around doing nothing.



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