September: Health Month

As I posted last month, September was the month for trying to my health back on an even keel.  We had a dreadful winter with the kids and I being sick with various complaints all July and August.

After reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier at Home, I fell in love with her idea of taking a month to focus on a particular area of my life.  You can read about my year-long challenge here.  What I appreciate about Gretchen is that she doesn’t attempt to completely overhaul her life.  She picks two or three things to tweak or experiment with.  And it’s only for a month, so if anything turns out not to be ‘you’, that’s something to simply note and move on.

For September my goals were to eat a piece of fruit each day, be in bed by 9:30pm, exercise daily, and monitor my eating closely.

So how did I do?

It was a bit hit and miss.

It didn’t help that for a big chunk of September I was either away from home, or out of my routine as my husband and daughter were visiting family in the Netherlands.  I think embarking on a monthly challenge like this is probably best left when there’s not so much on my social calendar.  I certainly wasn’t able to give this monthly challenge the focus it deserves, but I always believe a bit of effort is better than no effort at all.

I did reasonably well at exercising – barring the week I was in Auckland – and at ensuring to eat more fruit (I eat plenty of veg).  Most nights I am in bed by 9:30pm, but D and I have had a few late nights here and there.  On the whole, I think we are getting much better at getting to 9pm and going ‘hey, time to get ready for bed’ and actually doing it.  I am a person who needs lots of sleep so I don’t turn into a weeping, whining shrew, which makes this a great habit to cultivate.

I have been totally lazy at using my food monitoring sheet.  Like to the point that I know I need to put the sheet somewhere better so I see it and use it (it’s on my fridge).  But have I done this?  No.  I have been good at sticking to Trim Healthy Mama most of the time – even when I’ve been tempted not to – and have only strayed when eating out at someone’s house.  UPDATE: I have tweaked my monitoring sheet and have put it on a clipboard that will be in my face whenever I’m in the kitchen.  Hoping that it will do the trick!

So, all in all, it wasn’t a perfect month.  But still, I feel as if I am making progress.  I think if I can move every day, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and get plenty of sleep that will go a long way to restoring my immune system.


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