It’s here folks.  It’s finally arrived.  I thought this time would never come, but it has.


We’ve finally reached that point in time where looking after my tots has become… ‘easier’.

I can’t quite believe it – and expect my children to be replaced by pod people over night just to throw a spanner in the works – but it is hands-on-my-heart true.

Mr Almost-Two recently had a tummy bug which felt like it went on forever.  It was stressful.  Multiple changes of clothes each day, and more vomit and poo than I thought was humanly possible.  But despite all that, it felt like a dream compared to last year’s ‘winter o’ the plague’ when we were seriously ill for two solid months.  This year we have reserves.  Teeny-tiny reserves, but reserves nonetheless, which mean D and I are coping better with the slings and arrows of outrageous parenting.

Tummy bugs aside, we’re all having more fun.

Yes, my tots still have tantrums, just like every other toddler.  World War Three erupts if you give them the wrong cup.  Or you accidentally put on Fireman Sam instead of Thomas the Tank Engine on the telly.  But I can now take both of them out on my own to wide, open spaces without me coming home in a straitjacket.  D and I can stroll hand in hand while our kids zoom about on their bikes.  To be sure, there are moments of panic when fearless Chip moves a little too close to the road or a tot has a mini meltdown, but mostly the atmosphere is calm and positive (well, as calm as things can be when two toddlers are on the loose).

We can play games and both children get it.  Last night we had an epic story-telling session where our faithful dragon-chickens took us on their backs to our local beach playground and Princess Aurora’s castle (all our spontaneous story-telling session must be about dragon-chickens, otherwise Miss Three complains loudly.  The names of the dragon-chickens are: Rainbow Dash, Betty, Hetty and Dave).  Today my tots and I competed to see who could crawl, slither, breakdance or twirl down our hallway the fastest (it’s Chip – he cheats).

Activities I steal from Pinterest hold my tot’s attention for longer than five seconds.  I’m living the dream, folks.


God bless you, Pinterest.

The other night we went out to our local velodrome where our kids went wild on their bikes.  At one point, Chip was so excited about being able to go as fast as he wanted, he got off his bike and just ran.  It was too cute for words. And photos.  No seriously, he was going too fast to get any good photos.  We also had a great time at a recent toddler disco.  Glow sticks, 90’s pop music, what could be better?


So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

Sausage is Miss Independent.  “I can do it myself” is her phrase du jour.  She wants to dress herself, do our dishes (yes!) and climb along every garden wall she can find.  Chip’s speech is coming on really well.  He can tell us exactly what he wants now (true fact: it’s milk.  Or chocolate).  He rides his toy motorbike with such alarming speed and precision – he can back up that thing like a pro – that I feel certain he will follow in his uncle’s footsteps (currently motorcycling around Europe).

I recently did a huge cull of our bibs.  Our ergo baby carrier is up for sale.  I can’t remember the last time we used the stroller.

My babies are growing up.  Let the good times roll.


Toddler selfie


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