Life lately

I’ve been too busy or knackered to blog in a while.  You know how everything seems to happen at once?  Life is finally calming down a bit, just in time for our school holidays.

We had an action-packed weekend in Wellington so we could attend a wedding.  My tots had a blast playing at several playgrounds, the excellent Southward Car Museum and at the beautiful place where we stayed for the weekend.  They had an even bigger blast at the wedding, as the bride and groom had thoughtfully provided babysitters for all their friends with children.  D and I had a wonderful time celebrating two beautiful people getting married, and catching up with friends while our children played happily with the babysitters.


Ready for some wedding grub


At Levin Adventure Playground


Having fun in the Wellington garden


The view from our Wellington accommodation

I love this gem of a photo.  The look on Chip’s face cracks me up every time.


Travelling with our tots is slowly becoming easier.  Our two extroverts charmed everyone at the wedding (Sausage was dying to dance with the Bride and Groom) and they take new environments in their stride.  Sausage even thanked us for taking her to the car museum, declaring it the best day ‘ever’.  Chip is a car fanatic so he was literally trembling with excitement when he saw the place.  It was so great to treat our kids, and have it appreciated.

I’m still having problems with my back, but this has given me plenty of time to read books and to do some crafting.  I hate to even use the C-word in September, but I am giving Christmas a lot of thought already as I intend to do a Buy Nothing Christmas.  I’ve made a start by fiddling around with felt.  Some ornaments like this are going to my brother, because nothing says Christmas quite like Star Wars…



There will be more on my Buy Nothing Christmas at a later date!