Whanganui Playground Review: Lorenzdale Park

This is part of a series where I review local playgrounds in and around Whanganui.  Non-locals will want to skip this!

2015-01-07 09.36.16

Lorenzdale Park in located in Gonville, and is bordered by Duigan St, Mueli St, and Swiss Ave.

The park has two play areas:

2015-01-07 09.35.14



A toddler’s area with swings (bucket seat swings and regular swings), a seesaw, and a climbing frame with a tunnel and two slides.

2015-01-07 09.37.28



And a really cool climbing frame for older kids, the like of which I’ve not seen before.  Kids need to be pretty dexterous to navigate it, but it looks like great fun.  It’s hard to tell from the picture below, but it has little mini-trampoline pads suspended in mid-air…

2015-01-07 09.40.58


There is a fair bit of green space to kick a ball around or play a game, plus there is a ball court (one hoop only) for practicing shots.

I really like this playground.  It’s tucked away from the traffic, and was really clean and tidy.  I can’t wait for Sausage to be old enough to play on the bigger climbing frame.  We’ll definitely be back.


  • Great for kids of all ages
  • Seats for tired parents – that are actually close to the play equipment!
  • Play equipment is reasonably new and in good working order
  • Really quiet location
  • The school-age play area is a real novelty


  • NO SHADE.  There is one big tree near the ball court which is quite far from the play areas, while the other trees in the park are at the opposite end of the reserve.  Dear Whanganui Council, parents do need somewhere to sit without get roasted in the hot NZ sun.
  • It’s not fenced, but the location seems to get very little traffic going past.
  • No rubbish bin.
  • No picnic table.

Tots in Tawhero rating: 7/10


Whanganui Playground review: Lundon Park

This is the first in a series I will do of all the playgrounds in and around Whanganui (sorry overseas readers, you’ll want to skip reading these unless you have a burning desire to see New Zealand playgrounds 🙂 ).

2015-01-03 11.08.36

Okay.  Let’s crack on.

Lundon Park is on Carson Street and is opposite the back entrance of Castlecliff School.

The park has heaps of green space, enough for a game of cricket or an epic battle of Bullrush.  There are several areas of play equipment dotted around the park.

There is a decent climbing frame. that Sausage had a great time playing on.  It’s not too high off the ground, and is surrounded by bark for a soft landing.2015-01-03 11.05.48

It has several seesaws and swings.

2015-01-03 11.09.48

And a weird hanging hoop structure that you can see in the background of the picture above if you squint.  The park also has a slightly derelict-looking skate/scooter ramp area.


  • Heaps of green space, lots of play equipment so it’s good for a big group of kids.
  • Toddler-friendly climbing frame
  • Play equipment is all in good working order
  • Quiet street (when school is not in session)
  • There is some seating for tired parents
  • Skate park area is attractive for older kids


  • The playground looks TIRED.  The paint on the play equipment is faded and peeling and just looks a bit meh.  There was nothing wrong with any of the equipment when I visited, but the Council needs to tart this baby up.
  • There is NO SHADE anywhere near the play equipment.  Sigh.  This is a major grumble of mine as most of the playgrounds in Whanganui have little to no shade.  It’s not such a big deal if you have older kids who can be watched from a distance while Mum or Dad takes a break under a tree.  Unfortunately I visited on a blazing hot day with Chipolata in tow who was in need of a feed, and the only tree was quite a way from the play area.  Sausage is too little to be left to her own devices on play equipment at the moment, so Chip and I got rather hot and bothered while he fed, and I had to cut the outing short as a result.  Most parents like to play with their kids for a bit, and then chill out while watching them have fun – so come on Whanganui City Council, plant some trees!
  • There were some toilets there, but they looked scruffy and were locked when I went there, and looked like they hadn’t been in action for some time.
  • The playground is not fenced so if you have a renegade tot who likes to take off, this may not be the park for you.
  • No picnic tables (not that they are necessary, just a nice-to-have.

Tots in Tawhero rating: 4/10

I apologise for the rubbish photos, it was such a sunny day most of the photos I took were too washed out!