6-8 Month Milestones (that you won’t find in parenting manuals)

My post about Sausage’s two-year old milestones proved popular, so I thought it was high time I wrote about what Chip has been up to lately.  A lot goes on during 6-8 months of age as your tot continues to wake up to the world around them.

Chip on the move

Chip on the move

Can't this thing go any faster?

Can’t this thing go any faster?

My super-active boy started crawling dolphin-style at 5 months – backwards much to his chagrin, but managed to discover his forward gear a wee while ago.  Nothing is safe from his chubby little hands as he zooms around the house on voyages of discovery.  I keep meaning to dust off my running shoes because I’m sure I will need them very, very soon.

You won’t find these milestones in any parenting manual, but they are pretty universal nevertheless.

What life is like when you are 6-8 months old:

  • Flingstar!  Once your tot is able to sit comfortably in a high chair a whole new world of entertainment opens up to them – flinging things off it.  Chip loves nothing more than do experiments in gravity and sound waves.  ‘Oooh, you just handed me my bells!  Thanks Mum, listen to the lovely crashing sound they make…tinkle, smash!’  ‘Mum, did you see how far I managed to throw my board book?  I reckon I just set a new personal best…hurl, boom!’

    Your baby's science lab (image credit)

    Your baby’s science lab
    (image credit)

  • Dino-ROAR!  At 6.5 – 7 months old your babbling baby will discover a new super-power – the ability to perforate eardrums with pterodactyl-like shrieking.  Well, at least it’s what I think a pterodactyl might have sounded like…On more than one occasion I have had to leave the room as Chip gleefully reaches a new decibel level.  And when he gets together with his friend J who is 2 weeks older than him, ear muffs should probably be handed out.  Shrieeeeeeeeeeek, shrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek shrieeeeeeek!  Ouch!

  • Surely you can’t be sirius?  From about 6 months your baby will pant like a dog whenever they get really excited about something.  ‘Woah, what is that?  A light fixture!  Awesome! Let me at it! Huff, huff, huff, huff.’  If only we were all so transparent, and easily pleased.
  • A gaggle of gigglers.  Chip’s favourite person on the planet is his big sister.  His eyes follow her around where ever she flits, recording all of her antics – no doubt for future reference.  At about 5 months old Chip became much more interactive with Sausage (and the world); therefore he became a far more interesting play mate to her.  Now we get fits of giggles as they crack each other up all the time.  Sometimes they go on for 20 minutes!  You can view them in action on YouTube here.

    Partners in crime

    Partners in crime

Can you add any more?