Trim Healthy Mama Thursday: Week 2

I’m dashing off this post before I head to the airport so I’ll be brief.

It’s working.

I know I’ve been losing weight since quitting sugar again in January, but at the end of my second week I’ve noticed several things:

  • My appetite control is snapping back into action.  This could be just a result of being sugar-free for a while now, but I certainly feel sated after eating most THM meals, and haven’t needed any morning or afternoon snack in several days.
  • My clothes are definitely looser.  I know this because I have lost weight around my ARMS.  How random is that!  I put on a t-shirt that was always a little snug around the arms, and this time it fitted fine.  I’m more than a little bit excited about this because normally the first place I loose weight is my chest.  If my bat-wings are slightly reduced, I’m rather happy.
  • While I have had moments of tiredness (in fact I had to take a short power nap today as my son woke me up very early) my energy levels have been pretty stable.

I’ve tried several more THM recipes which all turned out to be both easy and yummy, and I even managed to get two runs in this week.  I have been waiting for my son to get into a morning time wake-up routine, but have given up and will just try and get out there as often as I can.  I am doing couch to 5k again, and plan to do strength training in between my running days.  Once I’m at 5ks I will be happy – no plans to run marathons here, just a desire for fitness.