Trim Healthy Thursday: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Despite a few ‘off-plan’ meals while I was sick, I managed to mostly stick to being a Trim Healthy Mama.  And it’s paid off.

I went through my stash of ‘smaller me’ clothes, and several items now fit.  Hooray!  Many others are only a few weeks away from fitting.  I have officially retired a pair of skinny jeans as they are too baggy and can now get into a pair of skinny jeans that I could barely zip up a few weeks ago.

Reclaiming some of my old clothes I was keeping ‘just in case I lose weight’ felt great, and my bedroom looked at lot like the aftermath of Christmas morning with my new-old clothes strewn about.

The funny thing is I am heavier than I was the last time I fit these clothes.  LIke 5 or 6kgs heavier.  That’s pretty significant.  The last time I fit these clothes I was sugar-free and running several times a week.  This time around I have done little exercise (although I was just getting back into it when I got sick).

I know I am not the only Trim Healthy Mama who has discovered this.  On Facebook I see several Mamas a week posting about they have dropped dress sizes without the scales budging much.  I can visibly see how much weight I have lost in my top half.  I carry most of my weight around my midriff and at times it has felt like absolutely NOTHING was changing down there.  But it is.  The weight might not becoming off there as dramatically as I would like, but my new-old clothes don’t lie.  It’s shrinking.

The other day D asked me ‘How long have you been doing Trim Healthy Mama for now?’

‘Just over five months,’ I said.

‘Wow.  That’s pretty great,’ he said.  ‘My understanding is that most people go off a diet within a few weeks.’

He’s right.

Five months on a ‘diet’ is terrific.  This recent UK found that most women last a mere five weeks on a diet.  Five weeks!  And most of these women put it down to lack of ‘willpower’.

The simple truth is that willpower only gets you so far.

It’s not you, it’s the diet.

‘Diets’ must be sustainable.  The reason I have chalked up almost six months of being a Trim Healthy Mama is that it is NOT a huge departure from how I was eating previously.  I do not count calories, or suffer through kelp-and-kale smoothies.  I do not sit there and feel deprived eating lettuce and salad while others are tucking into heartier fare, because I can mostly eat what they eat.

I know I am fortunate to have been sugar free already when I started THM, as this made the transition much easier.  But what keeps me going is that it is just easy to keep on going.  I eat what I would normally eat, just in slightly different combinations.

As I looked at a favourite summery skirt that zips up but is still too tight, I thought ‘I should fit this by summer’.  And you what?  I bet that I will.

Place your bets now.