Trim Healthy Thursday: Stair Master

This week I finally got around to making paleo beetroot brownies.  I tweaked the recipe a bit so it was THM-compliant, and I must say they were pretty good but not ah-mazing.

We enjoyed a couple of meals of egg roll in a bowl, which is very budget-friendly and quick to prepare.  D liked it so much it’s on the menu again this week!  I feel a bit stuck in a rut with my go-to Trim Healthy Mama recipes, so I plan to set aside an hour or two over the weekend to peruse Pinterest for inspiration, and THMify some of our old pre-plan favourites until I get the new THM cookbook that everyone is raving about.

I am feeling ridiculously smug about how well I am doing with exercise.  Feel free to tell me to shut up!  I decided I was a bit fed up with the slow regime of couch-to-5k (it totally works though, just had itchy feet) and ran around our block to see if I could do it.  I did.  The block is about 4.4ks so I am really happy with my progress!  I have no ambition to run marathons, but I would like to be able to run 5k comfortably.  With the Tongariro Alpine Crossing looming up soon I have added stair-climbing into the mix.  And woah mama, is that a good workout!

I headed for the stairs on one of Whanganui’s biggest hills, Durie Hill.  I left home at the crack of dawn, eager to get stuck in.  Only, a bootcamp had got there ahead of me.  There were about 30 people going up and down these fairly steep and narrow steps.  I am someone who prefers to exercise solo and was miffed to be jostling with a crowd, to say the least.  I despaired of what to do next, because there aren’t exactly lots of suitable locations for stair-climbing in my town.

D to the rescue!  His office is in a three-storey building, and it’s perfect.  I get the place all to myself, work up one heck of a sweat, AND I can still work out when it’s raining.  Tongariro, here I come.


Whanganui Playground Review: Webb Road Reserve

This is part of a series where I review local playgrounds in and around Whanganui.  Non-locals will want to skip this!2015-02-05 14.50.26

Tucked away on the side of Durie Hill is a tiny toddler’s delight, Webb Road Reserve.  And when I say tiny, I mean tiny.  There are two swings – one bucket and one regular – and a climbing frame with wavy slide.  The slide is a bit high for under two’s but Sausage got to the top with some help.

2015-02-05 14.50.01


There’s plenty of bark underneath the play equipment, and a couple of benches for parents to sit on.  And the benches are in the SHADE!  Wahoo!

There’s not much green space – enough for a picnic, but not enough to kick a ball around – as the park is basically a wedge-shaped corner section.  It is lovely though, surrounded by established trees and bordered by houses.  Parking is a bit tricky as Webb Road isn’t the usual wide Whanganui road.  It’s more like Wellington, being a narrow, windy road – only Whanganui homes have off-street parking!  As the park is on a corner you can’t really park on the road without obstructing traffic so I parked on the grass.



  • Really, really quiet and peaceful setting
  • Benches and shade.  Oooh, love me some shade.
  • Enough play equipment to keep a toddler happy for a while
  • The play equipment is in good condition and the reserve was neat and tidy at the time of visiting


  • It’s small, and the play equipment is pretty generic so it’s not really the sort of place you’d make a special journey to (unless you are researching for your blog), but great if you live locally.
  • Not very exciting for older children
  • No rubbish bin

Tots in Tawhero rating: 4/5