Dollar Diet Week 25: Going on a bender

I have indulged in some rather spendy. spendy behaviour this week – all because I was in a bad mood.  Not great when you are on a Dollar Diet!

We went slightly over our grocery budget buying lunch for the troops who were cleaning up the flooding at my parent’s house.  Well-fed workers are happy workers, and I don’t begrudge a cent.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

D has to go to Wellington for a couple of days once a month for work.  We had to put these trips on hold for a few months while we dealt with our reflux baby, but I no longer gnash my teeth and wail about them since Chip is so much easier now.

The problem with his trip this week was me.  I’m sick.

I have some sort of chest infection that has really laid me low and I was feeling so hard done by at having to manage the kids on my own.  I am not a saintly person who soldiers on with nary a complaint when I am sick at the best of times.  I tend to become six years old again.  Okay, who am I kidding?  Three.  I become three years old again.  My mum says I am like a bear with a sore tooth, and that’s being kind.  I want to be coddled and cossetted and taken care of, and spend the day in bed, having soup, and milky cups of tea brought into me.  Not look after my beautiful, fun-loving, ENERGETIC children.  Me, me, me!!!

As I was (and still am) contagious, dragging my sorry carcass to Playcentre was not an option.  But I needed something to do with my tots if we were all to survive the long, tedious day ahead.  Infecting strangers seemed like the way to go, so we headed off to the airport to watch planes.  We had a brilliant time, and saw an entire fleet of helicopters who were all part of the rescue/flood damage assessment crew.  Hopefully the nice lady at the airport cafe who gave Sausage a free fluffy hasn’t been infected by my ghastly germs.

To soothe my hard-done-by spirit I ate all the pies.  And had copious cups of tea, and generally bought crappy food to eat all day.  And the next day.  And I bought some clothes because I ‘deserved it’ (for my martyrdom, clearly).  At least they were second hand.

So yeah, not my best week.

I am an emotional spender (and eater) and while it is great that I can spot this and reflect upon it – I want to do better.  I want to be better.

Oddly enough I have just started some ‘inner work’ on habits.  It’s been a fascinating exercise so far, and I have a lot more research and experimentation ahead of me (I will be posting more about this soon).  My emotional spending and eating will definitely be on my hit list!