Dollar Diet: Week 30, all bets are off!

This week we saved no money at all.

But that’s because it was my birthday!  Not just any birthday.  My fortieth birthday.  It’s kind of a big deal.

A friend and her children made me this fantastic birthday cake!

A friend and her children made me this fantastic birthday cake!

As I have small children – and so do all my local friends – a big knees up at the pub was out of the question.  I just couldn’t be bothered.

I did however, demand to be taken somewhere swanky for dinner by D, because, you know, I was turning 40.  I couldn’t let it slide by unnoticed.

We decided to check out a restaurant we hadn’t been to before called La Strada.  I cannot rave about this place enough.  Everything we ate was amazing – some of the best food we’ve had, ever – and felt like the perfect place to celebrate my birthday.  Our meal wasn’t cheap, but we indulged ourselves because it’s not like I turn 40 everyday.

I also noticed in the paper that morning that one of our local theatres was hosting a ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway’ improv night.  $15 for a ticket and a glass of wine.  It took zero arm twisting to persuade D we should tack this onto our night as D and I loved to attend improv comedy nights in those heady days before we were parents.

The show was brilliant.  Whanganui has some tremendous comedic talent, and there’s nothing like spending a night in stitches of laughter to make you feel great.

I also wanted to celebrate somehow with my children, so we took them that morning to our local pool.  It was officially the best day ever in Chip’s life who spent most of the time climbing into the toddler pool, turning around, climbing out of the toddler pool, turning around, climbing into the toddler pool ad infinitum.  In case you can’t tell, he’s really into climbing right now…  Sausage and I had loads of fun zipping down the hydroslide several times, and pretending to be rockets launching out of the pool.

A perfect birthday.  Not so great for our bank balance, but almost covered by the week’s Dollar Diet savings.