A Frugal Anniversary

Passionfruit, Tots in Tawhero

D and I recently chalked up four years of marriage (go us!).  It’s been quite a ride in those four short years – career changes, two babies and the accompanying sleep-deprivation, moving cities, home ownership, and now the possibility of D starting a business with a friend.  We have at times been rather frazzled around the edges, but mostly D and I enjoy being married to each other – a marriage which is definitely helped by us both possessing extremely silly senses of humour, and possibly by our shared passion for occasionally binge-watching TV (we’re currently working our way through ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, man are we hooked!).

We are a family that needs no excuse to celebrate, so being on a Dollar Diet did not deter us one iota (I love that word, iota, I’m gonna use it more…).  We put on our frugal thinking caps and came up with a lovely celebration.

Traditionally, you give fruit and flowers for your fourth anniversary so it was an easy anniversary to do frugally.  I already had an anniversary card, having purchased one last year when one of our bookstore chains had a 50% off greeting card sale.

I gave D a passionfruit plant because a) he LOVES passionfruit and they grow well here in Whanganui, and b) well, I figured ‘passion’fruit was about as romantic as one could get when buying fruit!  I also got him a pot of daisies because I reckon if D was a flower he’d be daisies: perpetually cheerful and sunny.

D gave me a pineapple.  Now before you say that’s unromantic, pineapple is my favourite fruit.  And he handmade me this cool card:

Yes, that is a flower made of pineapples

Yes, that is a flower made of pineapples

D taking the time to make something like that for me makes my heart melt.  Needless to say, I loved it 🙂

D also made a fancy roast dinner for us, and I made dessert.  Now here’s the genius part:

We took dinner to our babysitter’s house.

My MIL offered to babysit for us, and graciously let us use her house to stage a romantic dinner for two.  She put out her best cutlery and crockery, candles, mood music, and even gave us a bottle of bubbly.  I was just as excited about getting to eat a meal ‘out’ as I would have been going to a posh restaurant.

I think our meal and gifts probably amounted to $25.  Compared to how much we might have spent on a florist’s bouquet and fancy restaurant, I think we did very well.  Now of course, if you want to give this a go, you’ll need a willing babysitter who’s not freaked out about having their place used for fine dining.