Dollar Diet: Less is More

At the ready! (image credit)

At the ready!
(image credit)

I kicked off this term with a vow to do less.  Fewer playgroups where we are stuck inside, in favour of unstructured time outside.

I was relieved I’d made this decision as last week ended up being very busy, with non-kid related activities taking up several evenings and all day Saturday.  Come Sunday, I was knackered.  Having had burnout in the past I am quite careful not to overload my schedule, but sometimes interesting things just happen all at once, don’t they.

I went to a free presentation on the impact of our early years on child development, which was put on by the excellent Brainwave Trust.  The Brainwave Trust is a charitable organisation founded to raise public awareness of the most recent discoveries in brain research, and to educate parents, caregivers, schools etc on the ramifications of this research.  I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know (simply because I have degrees in Psychology and Education, and specialised in human development, not because the presentation isn’t good – because it is!), but it is always great to be reminded of just how crucial the first three years of life are in shaping the people we become.  If you are interested in parenting advice based on solid, scientific research, I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter to keep updated on the latest happenings.

In tot-related stuff, instead of going to a music playgroup I decided to go for a walk along the Whanganui river with the kiddos.  I armed myself with a rubbish bag, thinking I could sneak in a little lesson about the importance of caring for creation as we picked up any rubbish we found along the way.  Things always seem so lovely and perfect in my head!  In reality, Chip fell asleep within five minutes and missed the rest of the walk entirely, while Sausage refused to get out of the stroller as her ‘legs were tired’.  She whinged and moaned most of the way.  I did manage to get in a decent workout, as power walking with a heavy stroller and 20+kg of kid gets the heart racing.

I dropped our Monday morning playgroup, which I am quite pleased about as it makes the start to the week less frantic.  This morning I did two loads of washing, changed all the sheets on the beds, gave the kids morning tea and wrangled them into the car to go grocery shopping without having to say ‘please hurry’.  I dropped this group because I must confess to picking up a new activity!  I know, I know,  I said I was doing less, but this isn’t a playgroup, per se.  On Fridays I am going to an exercise class.  It is beyond awesome.  St Luke’s Church in Castlecliff approached Plunket offering their space for a class and their volunteers to watch the children while their caregivers exercise.  I don’t know anywhere else where you can work out for $2 while some beautiful people mind your children!  It was fan-flipping-tastic to take time out for myself, and my kids enjoyed it (morning tea, singing and parachutes – what’s not to like?).  The class is over by 10:30am, so it leaves us with plenty of time to play afterwards at the Castlecliff Beach Playground.

We did spend ‘unnecessary’ money on going to a school gala.  It is difficult to put into words why I love galas so much.  I just do.  As a kid, my school gala was one of the highlights of the year, second only to the A&P show day and Guy Fawkes.  There’s just something so damn nice about seeing everyone having fun, the baking and white elephant stalls,  the sideshows, and teachers who are bravely prepared to be ‘dunked’ by gleeful students.

Once Sausage had filled up on real fruit ice cream she had a ball, and Chip was ecstatic to examine the machine blowing air into the bouncy castle (seriously, that kept him occupied for most of the time!).  Thanks to our pantry audit we underspent our grocery budget for the last few weeks, meaning we had plenty of cash to eat dinner out at the gala.  We’ve all been rather tired and cranky (Chip has just had five teeth cut through at once) so we needed a little fun injected into our week.