Trim Healthy Thursday: Week 9

After the euphoria of last week, this week has felt a bit flat.

I baked a couple of low carb recipes I found on the internet as I actually had the ingredients to hand.  They both turned out really well and I will certainly make them again.  These grain free, refined sugar free coconut flour shortbread cookies passed the toddler test, have four ingredients (I use rice malt syrup instead of honey) and are super quick to make.  These chocolate cupcakes were quickly devoured too and should please anyone.  I did have one off plan meal (and one snack) – fish and chips are in no way Trim Healthy Mama!  We had a fun movie night with friends and enjoyed our treat.

I guess I must have been harbouring some guilt about it (silly, I know) which was not enhanced by excitedly getting my winter clothes out of storage only to discover than many of them still do not fit me.  Why must I always demand quick results when I know that slow and steady wins the race?  Why do I let my weight determine my worth?

I decided to shift my perspective after following a thread on Trim Healthy Mama New Zealand’s Facebook page.  A newbie to THM asked if loosing a kilo a week was a reasonable expectation.  Many people chimed in to advise that while they had lost weight, they had many times when their weight loss on the scales stalled but still dropped dress sizes and saw other improvements in their health and well-being.  I had set a couple of ‘magic numbers’ as weight loss goals, and planned to celebrate when I reached those numbers.

But on this eating plan, unlike others I have been on, checking those numbers on the scale is not the most effective way to gauge my progress.  For instance, I have lost weight on my arms – upper AND lower.  I know this because clothing that once fitted snugly on my forearms are now flapping in the breeze!  It’s bizarre, and probably not reflected much by the number on the scale.  I have to put my bras on tighter hooks.  Most afternoons no longer find me looking longingly at the couch for a rest.  These are the results to go by, not the scales.

I have decided not to weigh myself again, and instead my new goal will be getting into a large pile of clothes that almost fit me.

I look forward to expanding my wardrobe soon.