A room of one’s own

I never knew that a teeny, tiny room could give so much happiness.

My office is a wonder.

It is my sanctuary.  My hallowed place at home.  It’s mine.  All mine.  Ok, all mine except for the printer which has nowhere else to live.

When we moved into our home my office was a hallway.  Coming off the main hallway through our house, it led to a door that only ONE person has ever knocked at during the entire time that we’ve lived here.  The hallway was dead space.

Here’s what it looked like:


An archway framed by hideous gold velvet curtains, and ugly fixed stairs going to an attic space.  Totally unusable and awkward space.

We had a whole bunch of renovations done almost immediately after moving in, and in the middle of it I suddenly had the thought to close off the hallway with a door, replace the fixed stairs with a folding ladder, and turn the hallway into an office.

It turned out to be a very serendipitous idea as the work was completed just as the weather began to get frosty and D discovered how cold it was to work out of the garage.  The office was his home for over a year and served him well.  There was barely enough room to swing a cat, but D got a desk and chair in there comfortably.  (The hideous gold curtains made wonderful dress-up capes, by the way.)

When he went into business with a friend, they got digs in town and the office lay fallow for several months, until I got a desk.

And then I staked my claim.

Despite having my stuff strewn all over the house – because let’s face it, I make 96.5% of the decorating decisions in my household – I didn’t know how badly I needed a nook of my own until I got it.

office tots in tawhero.jpg

My office, my love

It’s brilliant.  I can leave whatever I’m working out scattered all over the desk and shut the door.  No more tidying up to protect my work from tiny hands.  When I get overwhelmed by the noise my kids make, I can retreat in here for a minute’s peace.  I can set up my sewing machine and leave it out.  Okay, so I haven’t actually done this yet, but I could if I chose to.  I can work and blog and shut the door to the world.

In it, are things that make me smile – like my ‘board’ (See above.  It’s not a vision board really, it’s just filled with things that are beautiful and uplifting).  It has a terrarium that one of my best friends gave me.  It has a funny fox hanging thingee that my BFF gave me as she knows foxes are my totem animal.




Sometimes when I look at it, I think of my friend R, and and reminded how lucky I am to have so many lovely people in my life.  People who ‘get’ me (and my totem animal).

It has my beloved pencil tin that I found for 50 cents at an op-shop, bought because it’s Mary Englebreit and I love, love, love her art.

pencil tin tots in tawhero.jpg

I remember having no one around that day to share the glee of my find with, because Mary’s not that well-known in New Zealand.  But I know you Mary!  You rock.

Having my own spot within our home has made such difference to my contentment levels.  I’m fortunate that I am able to have one and suspect that if I didn’t, I would have commandeered a corner in another room.

Not that I ever want to move again in my lifetime, but if I do, I will be sure to carve out a wee spot just for me.


Do you have a spot that’s just for you?