My baby girl turned three the other day.  Three feels like such a milestone.  You know, you blink a couple of times and the next thing you know your kid is starting school.  Blink some more and they are a grunting teenager incapable of speech longer than monosyllables; one more blink and their room is empty as they venture fresh-faced into the world.  But I digress.


Sausage: the threenager


In many ways she is still the same – extroverted and friendly, articulate and dramatic.  But over the course of the year she has learned to sing (often in tune!) loads of songs off by heart, climb up our slide, use the loo, share occasionally, give people cuddles when they are sad, sleep in a big-girl bed, dropped her daytime nap, diagnose serious health conditions (“your heart is loose, you need a plaster”), and actually grew enough hair to warrant a haircut.

She snuck in some ‘threenager’ behaviour a few weeks early, dissolving into tears over matters like getting the wrong spoon, making a mistake while drawing so it became ‘ruined’, and if you ask her what she did today she will answer with world-weary insouciance:”nothing”.  I can’t wait to see what hilarity unfolds over the next year, if this is any indication of what’s to come.

Her birthday was similar to last year’s, in true Dollar Diet style – morning tea in our backyard, with the paddling pool and slip ‘n’ slide.  But this year there was more playing with her friends, more collaboration and negotiation amongst the toddlers (‘caring and sharing’, reminds her friend N, who is four), more excitement over presents and cake.

In two weeks time I will become that heretofore mythical being – a kindy mum.  Sausage cannot wait to start ‘school’, as she calls it.  We’ve gone to her preschool to use their playground over these summer holidays, and each time she is disappointed that her teachers are not there.  She is more than ready for kindy, and I’m sure she won’t be the slightest bit perturbed at spending a few mornings away from her brother and I.

Here’s to being three.


What else can I look forward to with a threenager?  Let me know in the comments below.