Two Year Old Milestones…that you won’t find in parenting manuals

My two year old, Sausage, is in a constant state of flux.  I love seeing her grow and develop, and enjoy her cheeky personality coming out more and more.

Is she on target for meeting her milestones listed in the parenting manuals?  Who the hell cares.  I have long ceased to have any concerns about how my kids are ‘measuring up’ and resolved to try and just enjoy them being exactly where they are at.

Observing without measuring is fascinating.  You start to register a whole bunch of stuff that’s not in any ‘how-to-raise-a-perfect-kid-and-be-a-super-parent’ guide.  Here are three of my observations of what Sausage been up to lately.  While Sausage is of course, special and unique to me, I’m sure many parents will see their own child in these descriptions.

  • Klepto-Girl strikes again!  Around two, your child will develop a strange fascination for putting objects into bags/boxes/any container they can lay their mucky fingers on.  The objects that absolutely.must.be.put.into.a.bag. will probably be stuff that you really, really need right this second, like your keys, wallet, cellphone, passport, bottle of vanilla essence, potato peeler…
  • The world is soooo scary! Your heretofore fearless toddler will develop phobias about random things, and usually express this fear in thrilled ecstasy.  At the moment Sausage loves to be scared of giants, ants, and GLOOM.  Yup.  Gloom.  “It’s gloomy Mummy.  I’m a bit scared. Giggle, giggle”.
  • Life becomes one long episode of ‘Glee’.  Once your kid can string a few words together, the making up of songs about whatever they are doing begins.  The ‘I am eating my yoghurt, yoghurt, yogey, yogey, yoghurt’ song.  The ‘I am building a tower, no wait – a bridge!’ song.  The ‘I’m dancing, I’m dancing, oopsey-daisey, I fell over’ song.  It’s actually very cute and kind of a shame we no longer express our most mundane tasks in song as adults.  “Oh, I’m doing my taaaaaax retuuuuurnnnn!”

What does (or did) your two year old do?