Dollar Diet: A frugal Valentine’s Day

I’ve often really struggled with Valentine’s Day.  When I was single I told myself what a pathetic nouveau tradition it was, all that schmaltz just so someone can make money from it (although I’m pretty sure I would have been thrilled beyond measure to get a surprise Valentine).  On Valentine’s Day when you are single it can feel like everyone else ON THE ENTIRE PLANET is in a relationship but YOU.  I hated how that one day could make me feel so lonely and sad about my single status which didn’t bother me so much at other times.  It’s ridiculous when you think about it.

However, when I started going out with D it somehow seemed appropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We are both the sort of people who love any sort of celebration so the idea of adding in another one didn’t even merit much discussion.  I’m the sort of person who says ‘Ooh!  International talk-like-a-pirate day.  Let’s do that!’  And D is always up for doing something fun or silly or romantic.

So when it comes to Valentine’s Day half of me is like: ‘No!  It’s so commercial!’  But the other half is like: ‘But love stuff, wahoo!’  Despite my split-personality, I have managed to find a middle ground by never going OTT with gifts or grand gestures.  One Valentine’s Day was spent in a two-bit, run down camping ground, where we took a few minutes to write each other a love letter.  Cheesy?  Yes.  But I still cherish that letter.  Therefore the Dollar Diet doesn’t feel like its impacted on Valentine’s Day for us at all.  We could forgo it entirely of course in the name of frugality, but we are loving how the Dollar Diet is forcing us to be more creative with what we’ve got.  There’s no need for us to abandon our celebrations just because we’re watching our pennies.

Here’s what I’ve done on the cheap for Valentine’s Day:

We are having a nice meal at home (roast chicken, cooked by D).  As a gift I am giving him a bag of my chocolate truffles and I have created him a ‘love jar’ (or in our case a ‘lurve’ jar – just one of our inside jokes).  A friend gave Sausage a lovely glass jar filled with treats for her birthday.  She was very interested in the contents, but the jar not so much. I nabbed it before D could fill it with coffee like he planned, wrote notes on some of the things I love about him to put in the jar, and prettied the jar up with some ribbon.  Because men love ribbon, am I right?  I could have printed the notes out on the computer to make it look ‘perfect’ but I always think hand-written notes are the best.  And besides, I ‘m like:



I made my notes quite specific, and included lots of quirky things about D that I find endearing.  Like this one:


Sorry for outing you this way D…

d jar blurred



My husband is a very whimsical guy so when I saw this card on Pinterest I knew he’d like it.card blurred


All the materials for the card and the jar were stuff I already had to hand so I didn’t spend a single cent.


So that’s it.  Meaningful love stuff?  Check.  Bank balance still looking good? Check.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Why or why not?